Lost's Francois Chau and Kim Rhodes of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody star in this suspense thriller!

When the people you love are the people you should fear, the only thing you can do is run! Deadbeat is a psychological thriller with a dynamic twist ending.

K.D. is a single Mom, who uses the Internet to track down her runaway 15 yr old daughter, Cricket. K.D. learns that she and her boyfriend have ripped off a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. K.D.'s worst nightmare is realized when she finds Cricket has runaway to be with her deadbeat father, a member of the Chinese Mafia, the Triad. Deadbeat is a rich multi-cultural story that embraces the American and Chinese cultures and their blending in the character of Cricket, a Happa, half Caucasian/Asian.

Deadbeat keeps you guessing until the surprise twist end!

Running time: 16 min.
Written and directed by Brenda Lee Lau.

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