Crew Stephanie Anderson
Runaway Teen

Stephanie Rae Anderson was born in Oklahoma and moved with her parents when she was five to Hillsborough, North Carolina. As a small child she grew up singing and dancing to broadway musicals. In high school she was involved in sports and in every band the school had to offer. Then she took a class in Theatre. She realized her passion for acting instantly when she landed a supporting role in her school's production of her favorite musical "West Side Story."

After that experience, she knew she wanted to act for the rest of her life. With her 4.34 GPA, she moved to California with her mom, squeezed into a one bedroom apartment, finished high school at sixteen, signed with a manager & agent, and started auditioning!

Stephanie continues to hone her skills through tough acting classes, and further instruction in dance and voice. She has appeared in multiple independent films, commercials, and theatre shows. Stephanie has never regretted moving. She is living her dream & loving every moment!